Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy

Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy

August 12 - August 31, 2024

Transformation cycle “Change II”

The Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy reveals the programmatic priorities for the years 2023 to 2025 under the leitmotif “CHANGE” and shares the first findings of the 2022 emissions assessment with the public.

On Friday, August 26, 2022, numerous members of the press came together at the scenic Hotel Landhaus in Saanen at the invitation of the Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy. The occasion? The reveal of the artistic vision and sustainability initiatives for the coming years.

Christoph Müller, the artistic director of the festival, opened the event with thought-provoking words: “Music alone will not change the world, but it can contribute to it.” These words not only reflect the festival's deep connection to its founding father, the legendary Yehudi Menuhin, they also reflect the festival's commitment to a world characterized by art and sustainability.

Under the inspiring motto “CHANGE”, the Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy revealed the program focuses for the years 2023 to 2025. The upcoming editions will explore the themes of “Humility”, “Transformation” and “Migration”, with each focus offering a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities of our time.

In 2023, the festival will explore music as a reflection of nature, role models and faith under the theme of “Humility”. The works of Johann Sebastian Bach in particular will play a central role, expressing the humility and sublimity of the human soul.

In 2024, the festival will explore the major historical, social, technological and intellectual changes in contemporary history under the banner of “Transformation”. This focus promises a fascinating kaleidoscope of artistic interpretations that illuminate the complexity of change in all its facets.

Finally, in 2025, the festival will be dedicated to the theme of “Migration”, with a focus on music and exile. This edition will be a journey through the sounds and stories of those who have been shaped by migration and will use the universal language of music to build bridges between cultures.

These program focuses are accompanied by innovative projects from the laboratory of renowned violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja, who acts as ambassador for the “Music for the Planet” cycle. Her unique programs interweave different genres and styles to draw attention to the pressing issues of our time and create an overall artistic experience that goes far beyond the boundaries of conventional concert formats.

The Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy invites all music lovers to be part of this inspiring journey. Tickets for the upcoming festival editions are available in advance at or by telephone on 033 748 81 82.

Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy
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